It is an anionic adhesion activator based on phosphate esters; it is the best adhesion activator for bituminous conglomerates. It is not expensive and has the advantage of being effective with all types of aggregates regardless of their mineralogical nature (basic and / or acidic); moreover, it has a very high thermal stability. The additive POLYAD FO consists of a substance with long molecules, characterized by a head group and a tail group; the head groups, both “positive” and “negative” bind solidly to both the “negative” and “positive” sites of the aggregate, while the hydrophobic “tail” groups are anchored in the bitumen.


POLYAD FO can be used on any bituminous conglomerate; The addition of POLYAD FO has the effect of reducing the bitumen / aggregate contact angle. A smaller contact angle favors the adhesion of the bitumen to the surface of the aggregate, facilitates the wettability of the fine parts and above all facilitates the bitumen to enter the microscopic pores present on the surface of the aggregate. POLYAD FO also helps prevent the “stripping” of the bitumen from the surface of the stone aggregate.
The long molecules of the substances that form POLYAD FO, have a particular chemical structure characterized by a head group and a tail group. Bitumen additions migrate rapidly to the bitumen / aggregate interface


POLYAD FO is added directly to the mixer of the production plant during the conglomerate production phase, using an automatic doser. Alternatively, it can be added directly to the bitumen storage tank when it is recharged;



DESCRIPTION It is a universal adhesion activator for bituminous conglomerates, extremely effective both on acid and basic stones, it avoids the stripping […]